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“I’m looking forward to Sunday because Holly is coming,” said first born as he got out of the bath. “I’m looking forward to Saturday because my cress will have grown, I’m looking forward to our baby’s birthday, but I am not looking forward to mummy or daddy’s day.” Oh, right, I said. Why is that? “I wish there was a children’s day,” he said. Every day is a children’s day, I said, before reminding him of all the things we had done today that were all for him. These included ferrying him to two activity classes, sewing some cress seeds in a box I bought him (half price in the garden centre bargain bin), finding snails and playing in the garden, and making a cake. I am dire at making cakes, but we made one all the same. Then it dawned on him, a huge smile came over his face and he gave me a big hug, “I love my mum,” he said.