I love the girlieness of gingham and it comes I'm sure from my school days, when the start of the summer term signalled the move from stiff shirt and acrylic tie to light cotton checky dresses. Well it's time again for my uniform to change, these days from leggings or skinny jeans and Chelsea boots to spring dresses and Birkenstocks. And of course, er, leggings, which I'm sure Vivienne Westwood would be horrified to hear, if she had the inclination to care what I wear, which of course she never would.

Anyway this year, as I have precious little time for browsing in clothes shops, I am a die-hard online shopper, relying mainly on my favourite go-to sites Topshop, Asos and Whistles (for inspiration, special occasions and sales!). This usually ends in me ordering far too many clothes in the wrong size, returning them then ordering again before perhaps finding what I want on the third order. It’s a good job I’m on good terms with the ladies at the post office.

This oversize gingham dress is my new favourite, bought from Asos on a recent 25% off offer. I haven’t worn it yet but the temperatures are hotting up so maybe this week is the week! The dress on the left, of course, is for baby gal, who is benefiting from having a mother who loves dresses and for the past five years has only been able to shop for boys. If only they did this in grown-up sizes, I would be in at the basement with this one. It’s from Gap, and comes complete with matching knickers. Now if only they did that in grown-up sizes, we would never need worry about wearing dresses down that windy prom again…