This post seems wholly inappropriate given the fact I am sat in my kitchen watching lightning flash over those western skies. Three days of Daisy Duke weather, three barbecues down and it seems our flash of British summertime has been put to bed. However, it will be back and when it is I want to be prepared.

All I will say is this. When you see me walking down the street with my small baby gal’s head left open to the sun’s glare, don’t judge me. I have tried and tried and failed to get any sort of sunbathing on her head, and short of using handcuffs I just don’t think it’s going to happen. First I tried one of first born’s old ones, but it was whipped off faster than you could say ice cream. Next I tried a floppy Boden number, with the same result. So I went to the lovely West Kirby kids’ shop, Cowboys and Angels, to ask if they had any solution. A white Name It sunhat with a tie was produced, fixed on, and looked adorable. Seconds later, one tug of the tie and off it came. I’ve also tried a headscarf, but that lasted about 0.5 of a second. But I will keep on practising, even if it takes stealth tactics to succeed.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I don’t seem to remember I had this problem with first born, but then I could be wearing the rose-tinted spectacles that come with an ageing memory!