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Of all my childhood memories, the ones which were recorded in photographs are amongst the most vivid. Take this one, of little old me scooping second prize in my hometown’s annual flower show sometime in the 80s. Always the bridesmaid, eh? But it’s one of my favourite pictures, not just because it amuses me how little I have changed, but because it makes me think about how much my mum helped me perfect my ‘flower arrangement in half a grapefruit’ using the sweet peas from our garden. As for the jumpsuit, well I still hold that outfit dear in my heart.

I wonder had I not have had this photo, would my memory of that day be as strong? I’ve tested this theory on first born, who at five admittedly doesn’t have to cast his mind back quite as far as I do. His strongest memories are those which he has seen in photos.

“What do you remember from when you were a baby?” I asked him as he had his bath this evening. “I remember I had curly hair,” he said. Ok… What else? “I remember the magic fountain, all pink with loud music,” he said. “Oh, and mummy and daddy’s wedding, when I wore a flower on my top.” All taken from photos we have around the house.

Of course we all have memories of events which weren’t captured on camera (thank god) and I am only too aware that getting my phone out to take a picture of every happy moment could mean I miss some of the fun that is actually happening in front of the lens.

But there is a good side to going everywhere with a camera in your pocket, and that’s being able to record the happy moments like these. I hope you like the photo, by the way. Still got the same hairstyle!