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You heard all about my lovely lunch when I was down in Cambridge, but I also managed to find time for a bit of shopping. Not online for a change which meant I could actually try some stuff on rather than just order whatever looked good on a model taller and slimmer than me and hope for the best!

On my travels I ended up browsing round River Island, which I haven’t shopped in for years. A few friends whose style I love have mentioned they’ve bought a few things from there lately so I thought it was worth taking a look. I tried a few things on, including this gorgeous chambray shell top with cut out trim. I bought that and an oversize white t-shirt, which I’m not sure whether I am too old for or not! You’ll know my decision if you ever see me wearing it.

Next up I went to Kurt Geiger, where I tried to spend the voucher which my friend bought for me a while back. While they had loads of beautiful shoes, unfortunately they didn’t have the ones I liked in my size, so I will be waiting til I can go shopping again to get the ones I want. It will either be the mannish Carvela brogues in a nude leather, or the gold sandals my husband later described as “cyborg”.

What I was very pleased with though is the holy grail of all wardrobe staples, the perfect pair of jeans. These are so soft and the fit is perfect for me. They don’t seem to sag at the knee either after just one wear which is what most skinny pairs I’ve had seem to do. They’re from Mint Velvet, which had a promotion on in John Lewis so I saved myself a few quid too. I can’t resist a bargain, it’s the Yorkshire in me!

Another one of my Asos finds is shown in this photo too, although due to our changeable weather it’s still hanging in my wardrobe waiting to be worn. It’s a bright green cami top, with a really cute flower design. The kind of thing I could see being made into a little girls’ dress. See, there I go again, wishing more shops did matching mum and child outfits.

I’ve also got a bit of a crush on a pair of leopard print Solillas sandals in Office. I tried them on with a friend who said they were like slippers and not her cup of tea, which kind of put me off. Still love ’em tho! Every summer I try on a pair of leopard print shoes and still I’ve never owned a pair.

What are your June wardrobe staples, and what’s on your shopping wishlist?