Tomorrow is the summer solstice and I’m wondering how to celebrate. Breakfast at sunrise perhaps? Oh hang on, I did that today! No need for a repeat performance tomorrow, kids. I’ve always been an early bird but waking up on your own when the sun shines through your curtains is not quite the same as being woken up by a crying babe, is it? Thank goodness for the gorgeous smiles I got from baby gal when I did manage to haul myself out of bed at 5.30am.

Now here I am, it’s 7pm and I’m one child down, one to go! I needed a bit of a power nap in between tonight. Or rather, a power lie down with the cold cup of tea I made an hour ago. So here is my unashamed no filter selfie, brought to you with a funny story from my first born.

When he saw my t-shirt this morning, he said, “Mum, does that say number one? But you’re not number one, you’ve never done anything good!” “Aaahh, ok,” I said. “Would you like to hear about all the cool stuff I’ve done in my life?” Then started to gear myself up with all the stuff I’ve done which actually is not that extraordinary but might make a good story for a five-year-old. Like trekking to Macchu Picchu while battling a sickness bug, working on a radio station in France, winning a fancy dress contest dressed as a strawberry.

But there was no time for that then, as even though we got up so early, I still needed to iron his jumper and shepherd us all out the door to school. Seems like one of the cool things I haven’t managed to do so far is learn how to be organised. At least there are more (sunny) hours in the day tomorrow.